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Saturday, March 25, 2017


Black Russian Terrier Puppies
Black Russian Terrier Puppies

The Black Russian Terrier (BRT) Breed is relatively a new breed to the North American Market including The United States of America and Canada.

As with anything new, there are unscrupulous persons who are trying to financially gain by backyard breeding or selling dogs without health checks and even by the Russians who are trying to make money because of the low value the Russian Ruble. 

First of all, let’s examine the “modus operandi” of Russian sellers of the Black Russian Terrier. Breeders of Black Russian Terriers in Russia will first of all make contact by joining Facebook communities dealing BRTs.They will make their presence know and sooner of later they would start advertising their litters for sale. In most cases their litters are very much underpriced, no health tests, no pedigree information, absolutely no warranty information and sometimes email addresses which cannot be verified.

My wife who was born in Russia tells me, that the Russians will not sell you the best of litters, because they keep the best puppies for themselves. People who have purchased puppies from the Russians were sold dogs that were not good and had lots of health issues. These North American buyers also complained about warranty problems. How are you going to take action against a persons who is living thousands of kilometres away?. In addition, although these dogs may costs 500.00USD, one has to pay for transportation and any additional costs. In the long run, the price may have escalated to more than what you may pay for a dog purchased in the USA.

Some inexperience breeders have brought in puppies from the overseas market only to learn that some of these puppies have been plagued with medical problems and have not been good for their breeding program. Now with that said some of the most experienced breeders who have built up a good relationship with their Russian counterparts or contacts  may be able to obtain a line of a reputable breeder.

In conclusion, for both breeders and buyers, "buyer beware"of purchasing Black Russian Terriers from abroad. Support your local experienced breeders who would be able to sell you a Black Russian Terrier, with a contract, with a warranty and most important, a breeder who would be able to support your questions and answers for the lifetime of the Black Russian Terrier. I have often heard from owners of Black Russian Terriers that once they purchase a BRT, they have never ever from the the breeders or are afraid of approaching their breeder due to a conflict situation.

Support your North America market.

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