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Saturday, February 16, 2019


The aim of Black Russian Terrier handlers and owners is to have a dog that has a nice coat so that when the dog is seen, the dog can be admired and complemented. To accomplish this, one must be very prudent in this undertaking.


The Black Russian Terrier has two coats, an overcoat and an undercoat, composed of a coarse, thick, slightly waved outer coat and a soft, short and dense undercoat. The outer coat covers the whole body.


The dog shampoo business is a multi millionaire business ranging from chemical to organic. When you visit a pet store there are so many shampoos on the shelves to choose from that you do not know which one to choose from. You go to a dog show where there are booths set up with all types on shampoos each booth telling you that their product is the best. So what do you do? I have personally spoken with some professional handlers to get some advice on the types of shampoo that I should use and in one case was told to use a dish detergent! Oh my! There are waterless shampoos specially made for persons showing their dogs at dog shows were washing areas are not available.

Shampoos range from the cheap to the exotic and fits all types of budgets. It is my understanding that the exotic dog shampoos are really shampoos that have been discontinued from the human shampoo and passed down to the dog industry.

There are some things that you can do to make sure that you choose the correct shampoo for you dog. This applies to everyone who owns a dog. You go to Federation Cynologique Internationale FCI), American Kennel Club, Canadian Kennel Club, United Kennel Club websites. If you live outside North America, then go to your governing dog body for information. Look for the breed standard for your dog. Then look for what your the dog's coat should be like. Once you get an idea of what your dog coat should be, you can go ahead and look for a good shampoo. A lot of shampoos may have chemicals in it that is harmful to your dog. In fact, your dog can and may be allergic to some shampoos. It is very prudent to do a spot shampoo on the dog to see if the shampoo is allergenic.
(l-r) containers of shampoo and conditioner

My advice to you is to do your homework, talk to "dog people" or even your breeder, about their experiences with dog shampoos in your breed. If you use the wrong shampoo on your dog, you may alter the coat of the dog, for instance, in the Black Russian Terrier, the coat has to be coarse. I do not want to use a shampoo that will make to coat soft. Always read the instructions on the label of the product.

With all this said, I would like to share some information with you. I am not receiving any compensation for this and accordingly, I will not be divulge their name. If you need this information, use our contact information at our website.There is only one manufacturer in North America whom I am aware of that classifies their shampoo into three different grades. Their grades are  1, 2 and 3. Under each grade, the company lists the dogs that can use this shampoo. Their shampoo is expensive, however, it is sold as the concentrate and it will last you a long time.


Like shampoos, dog conditioners comes in a variety of forms. You can get shampoos and conditioners all mixed into one, so there is no need to apply conditioner to a dog.

Since I am responsible for bathing our Black Russian Terriers, I go the separate way, I shampoo and then I condition.

If you purchase a brand shampoo, always get the same brand conditioner. Always read the instructions on the label. Some conditioners can be applied immediately on the wet dog, while some conditioners, like I use, instructs you to remove all excess water and then apply the conditioner. Some conditioners you can rinse right away while some conditioner instructs you to allow the conditioner to remain on the dogs coat for a period of time and then you can rinse. There are many methods of applying conditioners. Some persons will use the "bucket" method where the conditioner is mixed with water and then poured all over the dog, some will use the "bath" method where the dog is placed in a bathtub, where the bath tub is plugged and the mixed conditioner is pored all over the dog and the dog is allowed to soak in the tub. My method is to use a "spray" pump. The conditioner is poured into a pump bottle and air is pump into the container. On release of a trigger, a projectile spray is made onto the dog. The dog is completely soaked.

Again, when introducing a new conditioner do a spot condition to see if there is any allergenic reaction. If there is, discontinued use and try another conditioner.

Like I said in discussing shampoos, you do not want to get a conditioner that will alter the dogs coat. The aim is to keep the dogs coat as what is in the dog standard breed.

Talking to people who owns the same breed as yours will give you very good insight as to what conditioner and shampoo to use. Talk to your breeder also.I can assure you that you will get all types of suggestion.

If you would like to know what conditioner to use, drop as an email at lana@izteremkabrtkennel.dog

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