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Thursday, March 7, 2019

Buying A Puppy

Buying a puppy is a very serious commitment that anyone can make. For some people it can be very stressful filled with anxiety and for some people it can be a very normal thing and for people who have never owned a pet it can be quite exhilarating experience. A new puppy introduced into a home where there are children, the experience could be from apprehensive to joys of exuberance and effervescence.

Before purchasing a puppy you have probably made up your mind on the breed of dog you are attracted to. Others may desire a dog but cannot decide on a breed and then there are others who will purchase a puppy spontaneously without any notion of the characteristics of the puppy. In 1997 there was a huge backlash to the Disney movies 101 Dalmatians whereby people seeing the movie when out and purchase Dalmatians for themselves or children. After the novelty had worn out, lots of Dalmatians were abandoned in dog pounds.

Here is a list of things that one must take into consideration before buying a puppy.
  • Housing Requirements. Is the puppy when full grown would be able to be accommodated in your living abode?
  • Food costs. Budget for a small breed or large breed and for premium dog food.
  • Veterinarian bills for example yearly inoculation costs and other expenses. 
  • Insurance costs (optional).
  • Leashes, feeding bowl, water bowls, collars.
  • Obedience classes.
  • Dog Shows (optional).
  • Bathing and Grooming.
  • Do you have a backup person you will be able to take care of the puppy when you are not at home?
Mother and Puppies

Once you have passed the evaluation above and would like to continue, the next step involves the selecting the breed of dog that you are interested in. There are many websites on the internet that are breed specific, however, I will share with you some sites that will give you intimate details about all the dog breeds. You can visit the sites that are applicable to where you live. Here they are:

The next step is to find a reputable breeder. A reputable breeder is a breeder who has the following qualities:

  • Will have an updated website that will show a list of all litters whelped.
  • Will allow to visit their kennel show you their breeding dogs.
  • Will allow you to see medical records.
  • Will allow you to see pedigrees and registration of dogs.
  • Will allow you to see a contract or take home a contract for perusal.
  • Will give a written guarantee with respect to purchase of puppy.
  • Will give references, providing privacy laws have been approved by references.
  • Will not calumniate other breeders.
  • Observe the premises on how it is kept.
  • Observe how the dogs interact with their owners.

Keep away from backyard breeders, puppy mills and pet stores that are selling puppies. Lately the authorities have been abrogating pet stores from selling puppies.
Do not buy from sites that shows you puppy photographs where the photos have been photoshopped. These photos have been enhanced and do not show the true photo of the puppy

Breeders on the other hand may want to find out more about you and will ask you questions that will enable them to also evaluate you because they do not want their puppies to go to a home where their puppies will not be taken care off.

There are some breeds of dogs that a breeder may not want to sell you and that is based on your experience with dogs. Black Russian Terriers for example is a breed that needs an experienced owner. The Black Russian Terrier is what is considered an alpha dog and working dog thats needs handling skills. So if a breeder rejects you, do not be surprised.

If you and the breeder can come to a mutual understanding of purchasing a puppy, the breeder will ask for a deposit, a contract will be signed and a delivery date (usually 12 weeks) the puppy will be released to you.

If you are interested in a Black Russian Terrier puppy, please contact lana@izteremkabrtkennel.dog or visit us at https://www.izteremkabrtkennel.dog/contact

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